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Dream is the most essential element of life to take you places and let you grow. If you are confused which career to step into you might wander in wail, so the first step is to bring clarity in thought, Law of attraction works well for those who are clear about their dreams/goals, For clarity you need soul searching, vision board building, and expert advice; so here I am to give counselling for selecting through the creative careers, Meet me online on zoom/meet/webex for 1-on-1 personal consultation.

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  • Come to us, we are a team of lecturers, workshop takers and mentors. Every class has a varying magnitude of energy. Also, the teacher-student ratio never goes below 1:20.

  • Encouragement and motivation is a part of the deal.

  • Mentor is actually one who does the hand holding till the end without the student being spoon-fed.

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    We know how to engage the student online just like the offline classes. Simplicity and engagement is our philosophy.

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