Core Team

We are a family of Designers form IITs and NIDs with varying experiences from design and education fields.
Ar. Sushil Misal | IITB | 2003
Ar. Nilesh Misal | NID | 2004
Ar. Varsha Misal | NID | 2004
Ar. Meera Misal | IITK | 2009
All Advisors with Head coach Meera Misal work towards a quality Coaching content.


Understanding Potentials

Identification of creative career avenue, to choose or not, through thorough analysis of interests, potentials and skills.

Support Merit

We provide scholarships to talented but economically backward classes and discounts to deserving students.

Quality Foundation

We provide the best A & D foundation education to our students for the career ahead and lasting relations with our students and their parents.

Why WEcoach Insti ?